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Organizations that hire Top Performing Talent lead their industry. Organizations that hire mediocre talent become mediocre companies.

What Branding Message Do You Send To The Marketplace?

At Top Performance Solutions, we help our clients hire A Players, and stay out of mediocrity.  Since 2005, we have provided staffing, recruiting and talent acquisition services. Top Performance Solutions serves the Broadcast Media, Entertainment, and Media Production Industries.

Define & Brand

First we determine the type of top performer you need.  Next we uncover your talent branding message and and prepare to take it to the marketplace.  Will you opportunity attract the top 10%?  We help you find out.

Research & Strategy

We don't approach talent acquisition as a race.  We carefully and methodically comb through our database, company records, and industry insight to determine the best plan of action.  We take a strategic approach. 


Within 30 days, out clients see the top talent.  Candidates and clients are matched through performance and culture. Career path and training and development matching is also key for long term tenure.

Alexander found a very key employee for me, who three other recruiters and several managers' personal networks were unable to find in seven months. This was the toughest hire of my 22-year career! Alexander didn't waste my time with a bunch of almost-qualified individuals; the first candidate he presented in person was THE match, who I hired within a week and has worked out extremely well.

What Sets Us Apart

What makes us different is that we only work with the top 10% in the industry.  We have relationships with A Players, while the others work with B and C Talent.

  • Exclusive focus on media and entertainment.
  • Primary focus are Sales Professionals.
  • Over 12 years of experience.

How We Compare

We take an advisory approach.  The other boutique firms approach talent acquisition as a race, thus working on speed and not precision.

  • Over 23% better p[acement ratio over the large contingency firms.
  • Over 50% better p[acement ratio over the large exclusivity firms.

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Who is This Guy?

 Alexander Laurin is the Founder of Top Performance Solutions and the Business Podcast Network.  He is also the Author of 'The Book on Podcasting, Podcast For Personal and Professional Development'.  Connect with him on LinkedIn

Talent Acquisition Adviser since 2005

My job is to introduce the top performers to my clients.  I act as a Recruiting Agent for my candidates FOR LIFE.